Bruschetta - Fast and Delicous

So as many of you know and probably really cared, the superbowl was this weekend. I don't really ever watch sports of any kind, it's just not my thing but I am all about sporting events and their food. Big games like this are a great excuse to tear up my kitchen making game day snacks. Here's a quick snack that doesn't take much time to make and is just as delicious the second day as it was the first.


2 cans organic diced tomatoes drained
1/4 cup shredded mozzarella cheese
1/2 tsp basil
1 tbsp olive oil
1/4 tsp sea salt

So this is pretty easy just throw all the ingredients in a bowl and mix it up. Serve on toasted french bread or if you're not feeling classy eat it on a tortilla chip!

Tenny's Pizza - Eyes for Pies

Let me start this post off by saying I LOVE pizza. What is that phrase they use..."water is the stuff of life" no... "they" were wrong because PIZZA is the stuff of life. Okay so it's obvious that pizza is a huge part of my life. 

Up until a few months ago I used to live in what I consider the pizza mecca of the US...Phoenix AZ. In Phoenix there are so many pizza places it's not even funny Barros, Venezia's, Oregano's and the list goes on. When I got to Utah I was so sad that I wouldn't be able to eat at any of my pizza places again. So this is what Eyes for Pies is all about...finding my pizza places.

First up on my Saturday pizza day was Tenny's Pizza in Saratoga Springs and here's how it did:

This crust was crispy and soft at the same time, basically your traditional pizza crust

Good traditional red sauce, nice and garlic-y. I liked that they didn't load on the sauce and they didn't skimp on it either. It was the right amount of sauce. Yummmm.

Basic pepperoni and mozzarella, not really anything special but still delicious.

Tenny's offers quite a few specialty pizzas. We decided to go with the Blazing Buffalo Chicken. This bad boy has Franks Red Hot Sauce, chicken, mozzarella cheese, red onion, celery and blue cheese. Now normally I wouldn't go for anything with blue cheese but I was feeling adventurous. This pizza did not disappoint. It was uh duhlicious! There's only one minor flaw with this masterpiece and its the reheat factor. You have to reheat it in the oven instead of the microwave.

Coke products! HEY OHH!

Some other cool things about Tenny's are: They have a drive through pick up window pretty sweet if your out and about and wanna pick up a pie on your way home. Also they were super quick it took about fifteen minutes for us to order and get our two pizzas.

Chicken and Dumplings - Pressure Cooker

This meal is a staple in mi casa mainly for three reasons, it's cheap, it's fast, and its duh-licicous. It can be ready in about 20 minutes and it tastes like I spent all day in the kitchen. Boo yah! This is also one of the few meals I can share with my 10 month old. It's soft and the chicken is very tender so he has no problem eating this! I'm sure can make this dish on the stove top but because I'm lazy and slightly obsessed I use an electric pressure cooker. Oh yeah, I put together a fun video while making this so scroll on down and check it out.

Chicken and Dumplings

2 Lbs Chicken (you can use whatever you want but I usually go with breasts or thighs)
2 T butter
1 Can Cream of Chicken soup (can substitute Cream of Mushroom if desired)
2 C chicken broth
1 Can refrigerated biscuits
Salt & Pepper to taste

In pressure cooker place skinless chicken, chicken broth, soup and butter. Make sure the chicken is slightly covered with the soup, this will help keep it tender. Set pressure cooker for 8 minutes and do a quick release when the time is up. If doing this on stove top cover and cook on medium heat until chicken is done. Remove chicken and cut into small edible pieces. Return chicken to pressure cooker or pot. Tear biscusts into pieces and place in pressure cooker. Set cooker for 3 minutes and do a quick release. If cooking on stove top cook until biscuits are like dumplings and not raw in the center. Then stuff your face.

Winter Christmas Time

Ok so I know the holiday was like a month ago but don't judge me! This Christmas was a Christmas of firsts. It was my first Christmas away from my immediate family, Lennon's first Christmas and my first white Christmas. It was a pretty good Christmas but a slightly weird one.

No one ever talks about what it's like to go Christmas shopping for your nine month old. Let me tell you it's slightly weird and slightly hilarious. Trav, Lennon, and I all went to Targetlandia together and we just walked up and down the isles looking for presents for each other. What made the whole experience funny was that we would pick stuff up and show it to Lennon and say, "Hey kid do you want this for Christmas...sure why not?! Put it in the basket he'll never remember it anyway."

Aside from the lame family shopping experience Christmas was pretty great. Lennon was so excited when he got his puffs and sippy cups (he, like his mother, has a strange obsession with cups and bottles). It really is strange how simple of a gift a child will love. I guess it goes back to that whole, "we should be more like children" scripture thing. It's true. I was a little sad that we didn't have this grand tree or a bazillion presents wrapped around it for Lennon's very first Christmas but after seeing his face I'm kind of glad we didn't have all that jazz. are some pictures of our Christmas and some from when we took Lennon sledding with his aunt Kaitlyn....

30 Days of Yoga

A while back a favorite youtube yogi of mine came out with a 30 days of yoga challenge. At the time when Yoga With Adriene released this I was pregnant so I couldn't participate. After our crazy move from Arizona to Utah I wanted to ease my way back into fitness and I thought this would be the perfect way to do it.

I'm not one who likes to exercise in fact I pretty much hate it and that's why I chose to start with yoga. Yoga With Adriene is so great because she's so encouraging, she's funny, and she teaches with tons of options so that anyone can do 30 days of yoga from advanced yogi's all the way to beginners. Adriene starts off this challenge by telling you to come up with your mantra for these 30 days of yoga practice.

I'm one who is easily stressed out and I often find myself getting caught up in things that don't matter. In fact I get so caught up in things that don't matter that I end up depressed or worst case scenario giving myself an anxiety attack. So for these 30 days of practice my mantra is keep life simple. As I practice yoga I'm choosing to focus on the simple joys of life to keep myself grounded.

So far days one and two have been amazing. I'm finding where my body stores all my stress and am able to focus on releasing it by stretching out those muscles. I also have noticed that my days have been better and I have felt a lot happier. It's amazing how starting my day off with peaceful movement and prayer have helped me stay mellow and up beat.

You can check out Yoga With Adriene here on youtube. You can also purchase the 30 Days of Yoga here for a donation of your choice. Also, visit and sign up for her newsletter for some uplifting and hilarious messages delivered to your inbox!

What kind of things do you do that help you stay happy throughout your days?

Fall Music Vibes

So fall is here and I'm in a state where I can finally appreciate it (shout out to all my AZ peeps in the heat)! The leaves are changing outside and there's a crisp feeling to the outside air and I FREAKING LOVE IT! When I was going to ASU I started my #fall playlist and have been adding to it every year. So far this season I've added a couple of albums that are chock full of fall vibes that I hope you'll appreciate. 

The first album is Goats by Coconut Records. Many of you know the man behind this band from various Wes Anderson films, his name is Jason Schwartzman. In this album you'll find happy upbeat acoustic music, perfect for a leisurely fall walk. This album will definitely brighten your day and being all acoustic will be the perfect accompaniment to whatever activity you're enjoying.

The second album I've added to #fall is Monarch by Zach Winters. The way I would describe this albums sound is if Jose Gonzales and Bon Iver got together and made a fall baby this album would be that beautiful baby. This album is mellow and captivating and would be perfect to listen to while you cozy up next to the fireplace with your favorite fall drink and wind down your day.

I hope you enjoy these fall music vibes. Share with me your favorite fall soundtracks. You can listen along with me here on Google Play Music

City Select Sale!!!

Everyone knows I love a good baby gadget...anything to make being a parent easier right?! Well, one of my favorite strollers is having a sweet deal. Right now Baby Jogger is offering a FREE second seat when you buy a City Select!

This stroller is the bees knees!!! There are so many awesome attachments and different seat positions with the City Select. The basket on the bottom is HUGE so you never have to carry a thing and the seat reclines all the way. This is the Cadillac of strollers! 

So go to and use the code FREESELECT at checkout to get your free seat!

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