Chicken and Waffles

After many months of waiting for the right time to go my little family and I braved the 114 degree heat and went to Lolo's for lunch and it did not disappoint! I ordered the Trey Trey (two drumsticks and one waffle) and it was just right. Also, they have PURPLE KOOL AID!!!! I about died. I'm a huge fan of chicken and waffles and pretty much all southern food so this was a great day.
Here's Lennon with his sippy cup. Right now it's just empty because we're still breastfeeding but he loves imitating Trav and I, when we drink he drinks. If I don't give him his own bottle or his cup he goes straight for mine. The waiter put down my plate and Lennon reached straight for the waffle and the waiter quickly slid my plate away...the dude had my back!

Trav with his "purple drink." You should have seen the excitement in his eyes when the waiter said, "we have kool aid" it was hilarious. We both made it half way through our drinks and we were sugar overload.

The feast. I was too busy stuffing my face and making sure Lennon didn't eat my food to take a picture but Trav got one. His exact words before snapping the pic were, "I don't ever want to be 'that guy' who takes pictures of his food but this is an exception!"

Bonus pic of Lennon waiting for dad to load him into the green bean (our Fiat)! Follow my blog with Bloglovin

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