Eating Out With the Littles

Ahhh Cafe Rio home of the delicious smothered burrito. I love this food just as much as the next guy but actually eating at the place not so much. This really got me thinking...I love the food but how do I avoid the line?! How can I get my food and a seat during the dinner rush?!?!
So how do I avoid it all? How do I get my food fast and get a seat for my family all while avoiding the massive line? That's easy! Order ahead.

Most people think that ordering ahead is out for when you want to pick up food and go home but it's totally not! You want to go out to eat with your family but don't want to send one parent to stand in line and make the other brave the line?  No problamo my friend. Hop online, order your food for pick up, waltz into that restaurant, pick up your food and sit down at your choice of the empty seats!

What other tips do you guys have for navigating the restaurant scene with kids in tote? Share the wealth and leave them in the comments below!

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