Put a fan on it

This is for all you hot moms and dads out there!

I live in a city where during the summer the temps are in the 100's every. single. day. I'll be honest, its awful. Why is it awful you ask? Well besides walking outside and feeling like your flesh is going to burn off your bones your little gets hot too. Just think about those poor kids stuffed in those strollers and carseats made of non breathable fabric just baking in the back of cars. It's so sad. 

I always felt so bad for my little when I had to strap him into his carseat and put him in the back of a car that was so hot until one day I saw this dad jogging with his kiddo. This genius dad put a fan on it! There he was jogging in the 110 degree weather with a jogging stroller like a crazy but he had a clip fan on his stroller like a boss. I instantly drove to target and bought one. 

*this is the fan I have you can find it at Amazon.com
That was the best decision I've made all summer. Not only does it keep the air flowing to the kiddo to help keep him cool but it's portable! I can clip the fan onto the stroller, the carseat, and even the shopping cart at Target. 

Go put a fan on it!

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