Top 5 Apps for New Parents

I will be the first to admit that becoming a parent is scary. I mean just sit there and say the words, "I'm a parent" to yourself.... are you freaked out yet? Besides being scary being a parent is one of the most rewarding and amazing things ever!

When you're new on the job you need all the help you can get. What better way to get that help than to have it always on you and ready to go by the other thing thats glued to your side. Here are my top five apps for new parents. I hope these help you as much as they helped me. What apps can you not live with out as a new parent?

1. Feed Baby

Price: Free (there is also a paid android version that is amazeballs)

Why I love this app:
This app will keep you on your toes! When did you feed the baby? What boob did he eat off of? Did he eat long enough? Has my baby pooped enough? Should I change a diaper? How long has little mini me napped? How many weeks old is this kid? These are just a few of the things you can track with Feed Baby.

When Lennon was first born I took on the task of pumping and breast feeding and by suggestion of the doctor he was supposed to eat 10 minutes on each side and I was supposed to pump 10 minutes on each side. I used this app to time Lennon's feedings, how much and for how long I pumped and how much time went in between feedings. I was super paranoid that at night I would forget to feed Lennon or that he wouldn't eat enough so I used this app to set an alarm that went off every 3 hours wake me up and feed him.

Another feature that makes this app so great is that you can track your childs growth. You enter in their weight, height, and head circumference that you get at the pediatricians and you can see your childs growth on both the WHO and CDC growth charts. You can add more than one child to this app as well as sync up to the cloud and share this info with the other parent or caregiver.

2.  Google

Price: Free

Why I love this app:
Let's face it as a new parent you Google the ish out of everything. With this app you have google at your finger tips. You simply open this app, press the mic button and ask away. I love that you can use voice in this app because as a parent you don't always have enough time or hands free to type out your question. You can google just about anything. You can also use this app to schedule appointments, get directions and set reminders. Freaking' awesome...don't you just love the Googs?

3. Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Kindle

Price: Free (the apps are free but you may want to pay the extra bucks for subscription)

Why I love this app:
New babies sleep a lot and you are trapped at home. My husband had to go back to work after two weeks of PTO he used to stay at home with me and the little and that left me home alone. After the initial freak out of "AHHHH I'M AT HOME ALONE WITH A BABY HOW WILL I SURVIVE?!?!?" I got a routine down and I wasn't always tired when Lennon was so I watched a show, a movie, or read a book. Its good to have some entertainment when your baby is snoozing and you're bored out of your mind and cant leave the house.

4. Skin Deep

Price: Free

Why I love this app:
I want to use the most gentile products on my babies skin and my skin. With this app you can check just about every product by scanning a bar code. Skin Deep is an app that allows you to access the EWG (Environmental Working Group) database to see how gentle and natural a product is. This helped me out a ton when Lennon was getting diaper rash. I used this app to find out which wipes were the most gentle and with a little process of elimination the diaper rash went away! I also used this app to find good diaper rash cream and sunscreen.

5. Instagram

Price: Free

Why I love this app:
Any new mom will agree that as soon as that child comes out of you you become a mom and paparazzi. I love Instagram for many reasons. I love that you can share pictures of your baby and if you're not a huge facebook fan like me you can automatically upload the pictures you take on insta to facebook and you never have to visit the site so everyone wins!

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