Mountain Weather

Sometimes living in the city can be a bit of a bummer especially if you're a stay at home mom. Some days I think about the last time I left the house and OMG IT'S BEEN TWO DAYS!!! It helps to have to do some grocery shopping because then I get out into civilization and realize that people are a real thing. So you wont be suprised when I tell you that I LIVE for weekend trips.

A couple of weekends ago our friends the Van De Graff - Johnson clan invited us to go to my hometown and stay in their cabin on Mt Graham. At first I wanted to decline because I would have to pack the Fiat full of my crap, Trav's crap, and ALL of Lennon's crap and that was just too much of a hassle. I then realized....if I don't say yes it will be another weekend of sleeping in and staying inside and I couldn't take it anymore. So we went and it was AMAZEBALLS (pardon my french).

There was fresh mountain air and beautiful mountain weather. We had s'mores (shout out to Kurt for making the most amazing s'more in the history of mankind) and star gazed. We talked around a campfire, ate some delicious food and hiked up to Ladybug Peak. Trav and I switched off carrying Lennon in the Ergo Carrier. Lennon was happy as a clam being toted around a mountain and he even took a few naps in his Ergo. I'd say this was a perfect weekend.

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