30 Days of Yoga

A while back a favorite youtube yogi of mine came out with a 30 days of yoga challenge. At the time when Yoga With Adriene released this I was pregnant so I couldn't participate. After our crazy move from Arizona to Utah I wanted to ease my way back into fitness and I thought this would be the perfect way to do it.

I'm not one who likes to exercise in fact I pretty much hate it and that's why I chose to start with yoga. Yoga With Adriene is so great because she's so encouraging, she's funny, and she teaches with tons of options so that anyone can do 30 days of yoga from advanced yogi's all the way to beginners. Adriene starts off this challenge by telling you to come up with your mantra for these 30 days of yoga practice.

I'm one who is easily stressed out and I often find myself getting caught up in things that don't matter. In fact I get so caught up in things that don't matter that I end up depressed or worst case scenario giving myself an anxiety attack. So for these 30 days of practice my mantra is keep life simple. As I practice yoga I'm choosing to focus on the simple joys of life to keep myself grounded.

So far days one and two have been amazing. I'm finding where my body stores all my stress and am able to focus on releasing it by stretching out those muscles. I also have noticed that my days have been better and I have felt a lot happier. It's amazing how starting my day off with peaceful movement and prayer have helped me stay mellow and up beat.

You can check out Yoga With Adriene here on youtube. You can also purchase the 30 Days of Yoga here for a donation of your choice. Also, visit www.yogawithadriene.com and sign up for her newsletter for some uplifting and hilarious messages delivered to your inbox!

What kind of things do you do that help you stay happy throughout your days?

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