Fall Music Vibes

So fall is here and I'm in a state where I can finally appreciate it (shout out to all my AZ peeps in the heat)! The leaves are changing outside and there's a crisp feeling to the outside air and I FREAKING LOVE IT! When I was going to ASU I started my #fall playlist and have been adding to it every year. So far this season I've added a couple of albums that are chock full of fall vibes that I hope you'll appreciate. 

The first album is Goats by Coconut Records. Many of you know the man behind this band from various Wes Anderson films, his name is Jason Schwartzman. In this album you'll find happy upbeat acoustic music, perfect for a leisurely fall walk. This album will definitely brighten your day and being all acoustic will be the perfect accompaniment to whatever activity you're enjoying.

The second album I've added to #fall is Monarch by Zach Winters. The way I would describe this albums sound is if Jose Gonzales and Bon Iver got together and made a fall baby this album would be that beautiful baby. This album is mellow and captivating and would be perfect to listen to while you cozy up next to the fireplace with your favorite fall drink and wind down your day.

I hope you enjoy these fall music vibes. Share with me your favorite fall soundtracks. You can listen along with me here on Google Play Music

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