Winter Christmas Time

Ok so I know the holiday was like a month ago but don't judge me! This Christmas was a Christmas of firsts. It was my first Christmas away from my immediate family, Lennon's first Christmas and my first white Christmas. It was a pretty good Christmas but a slightly weird one.

No one ever talks about what it's like to go Christmas shopping for your nine month old. Let me tell you it's slightly weird and slightly hilarious. Trav, Lennon, and I all went to Targetlandia together and we just walked up and down the isles looking for presents for each other. What made the whole experience funny was that we would pick stuff up and show it to Lennon and say, "Hey kid do you want this for Christmas...sure why not?! Put it in the basket he'll never remember it anyway."

Aside from the lame family shopping experience Christmas was pretty great. Lennon was so excited when he got his puffs and sippy cups (he, like his mother, has a strange obsession with cups and bottles). It really is strange how simple of a gift a child will love. I guess it goes back to that whole, "we should be more like children" scripture thing. It's true. I was a little sad that we didn't have this grand tree or a bazillion presents wrapped around it for Lennon's very first Christmas but after seeing his face I'm kind of glad we didn't have all that jazz. are some pictures of our Christmas and some from when we took Lennon sledding with his aunt Kaitlyn....

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