I'm baaaaack!

Draper, UT, USA
^^^the first photo i took when i decided to start photography again

Sooooo.... I haven't written a blog post since February. Truth is I didn't really know what to do with this blog. It felt too crowded and it wasn't going in the direction I wanted so I just kind of left it and moved on to something else. But have no fear I'm back and I'm going to make this blog a place where I can put whatever I want and not care about SEO or number of followers or whatever metric.

^^^first paying job, Aubergine & Co grand opening

The something else was my photography. In February I decided I wanted to nurture my creative side and start photography again. Photography has always been something that's near to my heart. I feel like it connects me to my ancestors (both of my grandpas did a lot of photography when they were younger) and allows me to have a creative outlet. I had realized that I had been so caught up with other things like school, work, and being a new mom that I had let photography fall by the wayside. So on a whim I registered my business and started a website. I actually got my first paying job a few days later and have since been able to build my portfolio into something I never thought I would be able achieve.

^^^ a picture i sent to Trav on a particularly tough day

Also, starting this photography business has allowed me to keep my mind occupied. Which brings me to the other reason I haven't been keeping up with this blog. The big D.....depression :'( Moving to Utah has been hard. We moved here at the end of fall and me not knowing anyone hid inside all winter like a hermit. Not to my surprise I got really depressed. It was gray outside every day, I had no one to talk to except for Lennon and Charlie. I had no goals for anything in my life and I felt tired and like I was just barely surviving enough to see the next day. Since I started my business and the weather has turned to spring-ish (it still rains like every week here...what is that?!) I've been doing a lot better.

^^^ blaine & meg with baby ayda

So to catch up on everything....Lennon turned one back in March! YAY! We had a party and my mom was here which was great (I'll post pictures later). I bought a Canon  6D (woo hoo!) and it has basically been glued to my hand since it came. Trav and I bought a town home in Saratoga Springs (we move in August). On a whim I decided to apply to be a recipe contributor for Female Foodie and to my suprise I actually got chosen (more story on that later)! My brother and his wife had the sweetest baby girl and I got to go visit them in AZ. I came home for 2 weeks and then went back two weeks later to photograph Erica and Dane's wedding. I been a boomerang between AZ and UT but I love it. I miss Arizona so much. I miss Harkins and the 21232141321 pizza places but what I miss the most is my family.

^^^ a day when it actually felt like summer and didn't rain

But anyways if you made it through all that reading gold star for you! If you didn't TLDR; Moved to Utah, got depressed, started a photography business, Lennon turned one. We bought a home and I've been living out of a suit case these past two months.

So yeah... until next time... 
xoxo Gossip girl

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