What to do when you do everything

What to do when you do everything? Does anyone else ever feel like its a curse to have so many ideas floating around in their head? I literally can't sleep at night because of the stupid ideas I have. While I'm glad that my brain has some pretty great ideas that push me out of my comfort zone and help me to learn new skills it also frustrates the hell out of me. Why? Because I can't focus. I have a notenbook where I write down all of my entrepreneurial ideas down and that book is madness.

You know that idiom too many irons in the fire? That's my life about 90% of the time. My ideas have ranged from selling baby bibs on etsy to having my own online clothing boutique, from being a food photographer to baking wedding cakes, from being a photographer to making and selling photography props to becoming a florist, a yoga instructor, a crossfit instructor....and on and on and on and on.

A lot of these ideas stem from us being so poor and just wanting a way to make some extra cash so we can you know...survive. I guess food and paying your bills is important. So I start up these businesses or learn how to do something and waste hours and hours and sometimes even days on this stuff. I now know how to make flower crowns, sew bibdanas, make baby blankets, bake some awesome cakes, make mac and cheese from scratch, photograph food, style food, cut vinyl, buy wholesale clothes, create an online store, grade sat tests, bind a book, and handletter. I'm sure there are probably more things stuffed in there that I'm not even remembering.

I just wish i had the discipline to stick with one thing and follow it through. I'm proud of my self for learning how to do all these things, its kind of cool...but slightly useless. I dunno, I suppose if I wasn't so focused on trying to make money out of all of these things I might just stick with one thing that I love and keep doing it because it's fun and I love it. There would be no pressure and maybe then my creativity would flourish and I could really create something great, something that I'm proud of and that I love.

I guess that's what this post is really all about. I'm going to stop thinking of ways to make money and start thinking of things that I love and just do the things that I love for me because they make me happy and for no other reason than that.

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