New year, same cliche

Well, 2016 pretty much kicked the crap out of me so I'm glad to welcome 2017. One of my goals for this year is to blog more. I'm really working hard on Eyes for Pies but I don't want to leave my personal life out of it. The reason for that is that I NEVER print out pictures that I take. I take so many and they're all digital files and they just sit there in the cloud being all sad. Well, not any more pictures!!! I want to use this blog as kind of a digital diary kind of thing among other things because it's my blog and I can write whatever the heck I want! Boom!

So what are my new years resolutions.....well:

1. Don't hate people as much
    I say this because people here in Utah aren't the friendliest of folk or the best drivers. So that means I complain a lot. I want to complain less and learn to love my fellow men despite their lack of manners, bad driving skills, or the biotch face they give me when I smile at them.

2. Finish the Book of Mormon
    I'm not going to lie, I try this every year and fail miserably. What matters is I keep trying and that I come closer to my Heavenly Father despite my lack of consistency.

3. Visit the temple once a month
    Pretty basic but it's hard because we don't have anyone that can always watch Lennon.

4. Watch one classic movie a week
    This is something I used to do a lot when I was in high school and I really miss it. They just don't make movies like they used to anymore (except La La Land...seriously guys go see it).

5. Journal more
    Journal more so when I'm dead someone can have a piece of paper to read about what times were like in the olden days.

6. Lose 50 pounds
    It works out to be about 4 pounds a month...that's doable right?!

7. Read scriptures every day
   This goes along with number two

8. Make 72 hour kit
   You know, in case of zombies or so I have something to take with me when Trump deports me for my Mexican heritage.

9. Blog once a week
    I'm off to a good start right?!

10. Dress up for date night
      Remember back in the day when people would get dressed up super nice for dates? It was so classy and I wish people would do that more often.

my Fitbook log for today
obligatory gym selfie complete with tacos and a beautiful toilet

me trying to trick myself into thinking lemon water is as good as soda (it's not)

Lennon getting his drink on at the Original Pancake House whose buttermilk pancakes aren't that great

this is Jess she moved far away to Alabama but I got to see her before she went back (photo bomb by Kent)

a delicious cone from freddy's

family picture of my family

the aftermath of the blizzard that made us stay the night in Moab on our way to AZ

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